Некоторые вопросы плиоцен-четвертичной истории шельфастатья

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[1] Старовойтов А. В., Димитров П. С., Калинин А. В. Некоторые вопросы плиоцен-четвертичной истории шельфа // Геолого-геофизические исследования Болгарского сектора Черного моря. — БАН София, 1980. — С. 89–95. The authors review the results from the detailed seismoacoustic profiling- According to data from the CSP, shallow-water deposits of an Upper Pliocene age have been differentiated. The deposits were surveyed in the central part of the shelf between isobaths 40 and 75 m, in the form of a strip different in width (8 to 16 km) and parallel to the coast. Here the surface of the bottom shows greater dips compared with the internal and external zones of the shelf. To all probability, during the Upper Pliocene and Lower Pleistocene the level of the sea was appreciably lower than it is today, never rising to over 30-40 m. At the same time in the northern section of the shelf the spatial position of the coastline was controlled by the Kaliakra fault zone. From the Upper Pliocene the Bulgarian coast of the Black Sea and the adjacent shelf were formed in stages, as a result of the transgressions and regressions of the Black Sea basin. [ DOI ]

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