Mechanisms providing access to associated word semantics. MEG studyтезисы доклада

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[1] Mechanisms providing access to associated word semantics. meg study / B. V. Chernyshev, A. M. Razorenova, A. Y. Nikolaeva et al. // 48th Meeting of the European Brain Behaviour Society. Abstract Book. — Czech Academy of Sciences Prague, Czech Republic, 2019. — P. 142–142. Aims The crucial question for understanding language function is how our brain transforms sensory-motor experience and gets access to word semantics. In our study, we addressed both questions concerning this problem: when and where do processes associated with associated semantics take place within the human brain. Methods Participants were presented with eight pseudowords; four of them were assigned to specific body part movements during learning blocks – through commencing actions by one of participant’s left or right extremities and receiving a feedback. The other pseudowords did not require actions and were used as controls. Magnetoencephalogram was recorded during passive listening to the pseudowords before and after learning blocks. The cortical sources of the magnetic evoked responses were reconstructed using distributed source modeling. Results Learning of novel word meaning through word-action association selectively increased neural specificity for these words in the left hemisphere. An increase of activation in the anterior STS-MTG and Broca’s complex was observed. The rise of activation was detected that lasted for 200 ms beginning from 150 ms after the uniqueness point. We observed the spread of activation toward the temporal pole and triangular IFG by the end of the obtained time interval. Conclusions Data obtained evidence activation of widespread combinational network involved in association encoding and storage including both dorsal and ventral pathways. Our data showed that processes involved in association recollection starts earlier then N400 “semantics” component and lasts up.

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