The Collapse of an “Ideal Union”: Lydia Zinovieva-Annibal and Vyacheslav Ivanovстатья Исследовательская статья

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[1] Михайлова М. В. The collapse of an “ideal union”: Lydia zinovieva-annibal and vyacheslav ivanov // Russian Studies in Philosophy. — 2019. — Vol. 57, no. 4. — P. 307–320. This article traces the evolution of feelings of love that connected V.I. Ivanov and L.D. Zinov’eva-Annibal from the moment they first met to the dramatic events that occurred after her death. We examine their relationship in line with a phenomenon that S.S. Averintsev has dubbed “symbolist marriage.” We explore the post-matrimony evolution of Ivan’s concept of the new church where Eros is embodied in flesh and blood, and we characterize the “everyday” realization of theoretical standpoints and their tragic destruction. We also draw attention to the impact of the married couple’s creative relationship, their creative dialogue and the subtext of their creative work, where we discover an opposition to the external manifestation of feelings. We also analyze the couple’s more mundane interactions, which nonetheless maintained a philosophicalaura. Статья доступна по ссылке:

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