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[1] Васюков В. Л. Dialogue games for dishkant's quantum modal logic // Логические исследования. — 2013. — Vol. 19. — P. 353–365. Recently some elaborations were made concerning the game theoretic semantic of Łℵ0 and its extension. In the paper this kind of semantics is developed for Dishkant’s quantum modal logic ŁQ which is also, in fact, the specific extension of Łℵ0. As a starting point some game theoretic interpretation for the SŁ system (extending both Łukasiewicz logic Łℵ0 and modal logic S5) was exploited which has been proposed in 2006 by C. Fermuller and R. Kosik. They, in turn, based on ideas already introduced by Robin Giles in the 1970th to obtain a characterization of Łℵ0 in terms of a Lorenzen style dialogue game combined with bets on the results of binary experiments that may show dispersion.

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