The interpretation of the polycrystalline ESR spectra of nitroxide biradicalsстатья

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[1] Parmon V. N., Kokorin A. I., Zhidomirov G. M. The interpretation of the polycrystalline esr spectra of nitroxide biradicals // Journal of Magnetic Resonance. — 1977. — Vol. 28, no. 3. — P. 339–349. The calculation of the spectrum shape of nitroxide biradicals in polycrystalline solution is presented. The calculation takes into account both the anisotropies of Zeeman and hyperfine interactions and magnetic dipole-dipole and electron exchange interactions between the radical fragments inside the biradical molecule. It is shown that the spectrum shape is affected dramatically by the mutual orientation of the radical fragments. The problems how to evaluate the values of the dipole-dipole and exchange interactions and how the spatial structure of the stabilized conformation can be determined are discussed. Using theoretical results, the whole spatial structures of the conformations stabilized in glassy dilute toluene solutions are obtained for three nitroxide biradicals. © 1977.

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