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[1] Helicon plasmas in various magnetic field configurations / O. V. Braginskiy, A. S. Kovalev, D. V. Lopaev, A. N. Vasilieva // ICPIG XXIII, Proceedings of contributed papers, 17-22 July 1997, Toulouse, France. — Vol. 3. — Toulouse, France, 1997. — P. 76–77. The helicon radio-frequency sources provide the generation of high-density plasma at low pressure and relatively weak magnetic field. They have good perspective for application in plasma processing in submincron technology. Many experimental [1,21] and theoretical [3,4] studies have been devoted to the mechanism of high ionization efficiency and helicon wave absorption, but this mechanism still remains inconclusive. According to the theoretical investigations of helicon discharge the plasma density have to be sensitive to the magnetic field configuration. In the present paper we study the change over plasma characteristics at the formation of helicon waves for various configurations of magnetic field.

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