Analysis of the Current State of Lake Baikal Basedon Roshydromet Monitoring Dataстатья

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[1] Analysis of the current state of lake baikal basedon roshydromet monitoring data / L. P. Alekseev, V. Y. Georgievskii, M. N. Anikanova et al. // Russian Meteorology and Hydrology. — 2019. — no. 10. — P. 643–651. The paper presents the results of the analysis of current changes in the annual, seasonal, and monthly inflow of river water to Lake Baikal. A statistically significant increase in the inflow from November to March due to climate change is revealed. The dependence of the annual water level rise in the lake on the inflow is investigated. The pollution of the lake is assessed using the hydrochemical and hydrobiological parameters for the areas being under the influence of the most intensive anthropogenic impact. The background pollution in the reserves on the northeastern coast ofthe lake is also considered.

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