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[1] Assessment of frost heave modelling of cold gas pipelines / G. Piercey, N. Volkov, R. Phillips, A. Zakeri // Proceedings of the Pan-American CGS Geotechnical Conference. — 2011. The design of chilled gas pipelines passing from the Arctic to Canada and the United States through talik zones has resulted in a considerable number of studies to better understand the frost heave mechanisms. This paper discusses reduced scale frost heave tests that have been carried out in a geotechnical centrifuge to simulate 2D frost heave of a buried pipeline. Further, it compares the results to full-scale tests and examines a possible mitigative technique based on a recent centrifuge test with accompanying data analysis techniques. Centrifuge testing allows for measuring and monitoring of a broad range of parameters such as temperature, displacements and pore pressures. Other measurements carried out include soil water contents and post test CAT scans showing the frost bulb. Details of the tests including the setup, procedures and the range of data interpretation that can be carried out are discussed. Centrifuge data has been compared to and shows consistency to semi-analytical methods. Recent centrifuge data analysis has shown the method’s ability to quantify both the in-situ and segregational heave components of the process. Further analysis of the type of data produced from these tests combined with such semi-analytical methods will increase the overall understanding of frost heave and development of mitigative measures.

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