Ferromagnetic Phase in Graphene‐Based Planar Heterostructures Induced by Charged Impurityстатья

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[1] Grashin P., Sveshnikov K. Ferromagnetic phase in graphene‐based planar heterostructures induced by charged impurity // ANNALEN DER PHYSIK. — 2020. — Vol. 532, no. 1. The spontaneous self‐consistent generation of axial current and corresponding dipole‐like magnetic field in a planar electron–positron system similar to graphene and related heterostructures doped by charged impurity with charge Z is explored. It is shown that this effect takes place for 𝑍≥𝑍* with 𝑍* being a peculiar analogue of the Curie point in ferromagnetics. The properties of the induced ferromagnetic state are studied in detail. It is also shown that the magnetic dipole arising this way leads to a significant decrease of the total Casimir (vacuum) energy of the system, which in turn provides its spontaneous generation above the “Curie point” 𝑍≥𝑍* . [ DOI ]

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