Host-guest complexes of nitro-substituted N-alkylbenzoaza-18-crowns-6статья

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[1] Host-guest complexes of nitro-substituted n-alkylbenzoaza-18-crowns-6 / S. N. Dmitrieva, M. V. Churakova, N. A. Kurchavov et al. // Russian Journal of Organic Chemistry. — 2011. — Vol. 47, no. 7. — P. 1101–1114. A number of N-alkyl(nitrobenzo)aza-18-crowns-6 in which the nitrogen atom in the macroring is conjugated with the benzene ring were synthesized, and their complexing power was compared with that of model nitro derivatives of benzo-18-crown-6 and N-phenylaza-18-crown-6 using (1)H NMR spectroscopy and DFT/PBE quantum-chemical calculations. The stability constants of the complexes formed by crown ethers with NH(4/+), EtNH(3/+), Li(+), Na(+), and K(+) in CD(3)CN were determined by (1)H NMR titration. The complexing power of N-alkyl(nitrobenzo)aza-18-crowns-6 toward metal and ammonium cation was considerably higher than that of N-(4-nitrophenyl)aza-18-crown-6 and N-alkyl(nitrobenzo)aza-15-crown-5 and was comparable or higher than that of nitrobenzo-18-crown-6. [ DOI ]

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