National Axiology in the Treatise of S.A. Yesenin "The Keys of Mary" Study on the Mental Features of the Russian Personстатья

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[1] National axiology in the treatise of s.a. yesenin the keys of mary study on the mental features of the russian person / D. Marianna, S. Svetlana, T. Zalina, K. Larisa // Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Art Studies: Science, Experience, Education (ICASSEE 2019). — Vol. 368 of Advances in Social Science, Education and Humanities Research. — Atlantis Press Moscow, 2019. — P. 593–596. The article tells about the national axiology, codes and archetypes of Russian culture which were highlighted in the 1918 treatise by the poet Sergei Yesenin. Much attention is paid to the archetype of the ship / boat, which is dominant for Russian culture. This archetype is found in folklore, in folk drama, in funeral rites. The image of the ship is relevant to Russian literature. In this regard, parallels are drawn with the works of Lermontov and Voloshin. Russian embroidery turns out to be typologically significant; since a ship drawing, an ornament is observed in it. The folkloristic commentary on the text of the treatise and the reconstruction of a large cultural space allow us to show the great importance of ornament, embroidery for Yesenin's poetics and the Russian national image of the world as a whole.

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