Complex extraordinary dielectric function of Mg‑doped lithium niobate crystals at terahertz frequenciesстатья

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[1] Complex extraordinary dielectric function of mg‑doped lithium niobate crystals at terahertz frequencies / K. A. Kuznetsov, G. K. Kitaeva, S. P. Kovalev et al. // Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics. — 2016. — Vol. 122. — P. 223–232. We study the dispersion of the extraordinary dielectric function real and imaginary parts in the wide terahertz-frequency range of the lowest polariton branch for bulk LiNbO3 and Mg:LiNbO3 crystals. At frequencies 0.1– 2.5 THz, both dispersion parts are measured by means of standard time-domain terahertz spectroscopy, and at higher frequencies up to 5.5 THz, the dielectric function real part is determined using a common scheme of spontaneous parametric down-conversion under near-forward Raman scattering by phonon polaritons. A special approach is applied for measuring of the dielectric function imaginary part at frequencies 1–3 THz, based on the analysis of visibility of three-wave second-order interference under spontaneous parametric down-conversion. The generalized approximate expressions are obtained for complex dielectric function dispersion within the lower polariton branches of LiNbO3 and Mg:LiNbO3. It is shown that the well-known decrease in terahertz-wave absorption of lithium niobate crystals under Mg-doping is caused by changes in the defect structure and reduction of coupling of the terahertz-frequency polaritons with Debye relaxational mode. [ DOI ]

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