Patterns in morphometry of Mercury and the Moon: morphological mapping at the global levelтезисы доклада Тезисы

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[1] Kolenkina M. M., Zharkova A. Y., Karachevtseva I. P. Patterns in morphometry of mercury and the moon: morphological mapping at the global level // Abstracts of the Tenth Moscow Solar System Symposium 10M-S3. — Vol. 2. — Space Research Institute, Moscow, 2019. — P. 118–120. Classification of values of relief characteristics are widely used for descriptions and explanation of Earth’s geomorphology. Such parameters as interquar-tile range of the second derivative of heights (IQR) and relative topographic position (RTP) can help us not only to distinguish and classify geological fea-tures automatically but also to identify patterns in relief at the global level. However, methods that are usually applied to our planet can be effective for other celestial bodies with solid surface. In our work we not only calculate morphometric parameters and classify them to create morphological maps. Besides this we study distribution of parameters’ values for Mercury and the Moon and compare the obtained preliminary results.

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