Construction of Hierarchical Neural Classifiers by Self-Organizing Error Back-Propagationстатья

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[1] Construction of hierarchical neural classifiers by self-organizing error back-propagation / S. A. Dolenko, Y. V. Orlov, I. G. Persiantsev, J. S. Shugai // Proc.Int.ICSC/IFAC Symposium on Neural Computation, Sept 23-25 1998, Vienna, Austria. Ed. M.Heiss. — ICSC Academic Press International Computer Science Conventions Canada/Switzerland, 1998. — P. 113–116. The paper describes main principles of a novel algorithm for creation of hierarchical neural network classifiers. The algorithm is based on a modification of error backpropagation, combining supervised learning with self-organization. Recursive use of the algorithm results in creation of compact and computationally effective self-organized structures of neural classifiers. The algorithm performance has been tested on model data and on real-world problems.

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