Solution of Inverse Problem in Non-Linear Laser Fluorimetry of Organic Compounds by Neural Networksстатья

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[1] Solution of inverse problem in non-linear laser fluorimetry of organic compounds by neural networks / S. A. Dolenko, T. A. Dolenko, V. V. Fadeev et al. // Adaptive Computing in Design and Manufacture 1998. Poster Proceedings. — PEDC, Univ. of Plymouth Plymouth, UK, 1998. — P. 54–57. Laser fluorimetry is a powerful method of express diagnostics of organic molecules (complexes) in situ that allows effective monitoring of processes in environment. One of possible ways of such diagnostics may be based on determination of important parameters of organic complexes from curves of fluorescence saturation. This paper reports successful use of neural networks for solution of such inverse problem.

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