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[1] Catalytic hydrogenolysis of softwood sawdust / E. I. Shimanskaya, M. G. Sulman, I. Y. Tiamina et al. // Chemical Engineering Transactions. — 2019. — Vol. 74. — P. 229–234. The article presents the results of the process of hydrogenolysis of lignin obtained from softwood sawdust using 5% Pt/MN270 and 3% Pt/MN270 catalysts. Depending on the desirable products 2-propanol was chosen as the solvent showing the highest substrate conversion and product yield. Pt polymer-based catalyst provides high substrate conversion compared to Pd catalysts. This can be due to the higher surface area and the higher active metal concentration on the catalyst surface. Also, it is notable, that Pt-containing catalyst results in the lowest formation of oxygen-containing products. The highest conversion (90%) and the highest selectivity towards the oxygen-free hydrocarbons (92%) were achieved while using 5% Pt catalyst based on HPS. [ DOI ]

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