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[1] Ru-containing catalysts for cellulose conversion into sorbitol and glycols / M. Sulman, E. Sulman, O. Manaenkov et al. // International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference Surveying Geology and Mining Ecology Management, SGEM. — 2019. — Vol. 19, no. 4.1. — P. 457–464. In this paper a new type of Ru-containing catalysts based hypercrosslinked polystyrene (HPS) is proposed for cellulose hydrolytic hydrogenation to increase the selectivity to sorbitol. Also, we report the development of Ru-containing magnetically recoverable catalysts for cellulose hydrogenolysis to low alcohols, EG and PG. The use of the 1.0% Ru/HPS MN-270 catalyst allows achieving the total sorbitol and mannitol yield about 50% (245 oC, 60 bar H2, 30 mL water, 600 rpm, 0.028 mmol Ru on 1 g cellulose, process duration 5 min) at the ∼85 % conversion of cellulose that is comparable with the results obtained with more complex and expensive catalytic systems. Magnetic catalysts exhibited excellent activities in cellulose hydrogenolysis to EG and PG, independent of the Ru loading. The EG and PG selectivities were shown to depend on temperature, reaction time, and Ru and Ca(OH)2 loadings. The highest selectivities to EG (19 %) and PG (20 %) were obtained for 50 min at 255 oC, 60 bar hydrogen pressure, 0.1167 mmol of Ru per 1 g of cellulose, and 0.195 mol of Ca(OH)2 per 1 mol of cellulose. In these conditions, the cellulose conversion was 100%. These factors and the excellent stability of the catalysts in the repeated use make this catalytic systems promising for industrial applications in biomass processing to value-added chemicals and biofuels. [ DOI ]

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