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[1] Sulman E. M., Prutenskaya E. A., Sulman M. G. Development of an integrated approach to neutralisation of oil-slime // Chemical Engineering Transactions. — 2014. — Vol. 39. — P. 655–660. In the course of oil extracting on oilfield, and also at oil transportation inevitably there are oil spills leading to ecological balance disruption and bringing a doubtless loss to natural ecosystems. Bioremediation is the safest way of neutralization of the soils polluted with oil spill products. The highest degree of polluted soil clearing is observed while using of oil-slime pretreatment and its further additional cleaning by a consortium of not pathogenic petrooxidizing microorganisms. Complex method of neutralization of spills and wastes polluted by oil hydrocarbons allows converting more than 85 % of oil hydrocarbons from the initial concentration in samples within two weeks. Developed scientific and technical production has advantage in comparison with analogs and includes the use of ultrasonic pretreatment. The basic advantage of ultrasonic processing is its sufficient quickness, profitability and ecological harmlessness, and possibility to destroy C-C bonds in paraffin molecules. [ DOI ]

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