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[1] Petroleum-containing residue processing via co-catalyzed pyrolysis / K. Chalov, Y. Lugovoy, Y. Kosivtsov et al. // Fuel. — 2017. — Vol. 198. — P. 159–164. This paper is devoted to the study of oil-containing residue (oil-slime) pyrolysis process in the presence of cobalt chloride as a catalyst. A mixture consisting of crude oil (20 wt.%) and silica (80 wt.%) was used as a model substrate. The pyrolysis process carried out at a temperature 500 oC in nitrogen atmosphere in the presence of 5 wt.% of CoCl2 allowed obtaining an optimal gaseous, liquid and solid product distribution. Moreover the comparison of liquid and solid pyrolysis products composition with those obtained in non-catalytic process was done. It was found that the use of CoCl2 increases the calorific value of both gaseous and liquid products due to the increase in hydrocarbon formation. Pyrolysis solid residue was found to consist of silica particles coated with pyrolysis graphite and can be used as a valuable sorbent. [ DOI ]

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