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[1] Catalytic hydrogenolysis of different types of lignin obtained from sawdust softwood / E. I. Shimanskaya, E. Rebrov, A. E. Filatova et al. // Chemical Engineering Transactions. — 2018. — Vol. 70. — P. 361–366. The article presents the results of the process of hydrogenolysis of lignin obtained by three different methods from softwood sawdust: alkaline, sulfuric acid, acetic acid. It is shown that the isolation process has a strong impact on the conversion of feedstock and on the yield of products. The maximum conversion of 67.5 % was observed in the case of acetic lignin in propanol-2 as a solvent, and the highest yield of liquid products (38.5 wt.%) was obtained in the case of using an alkali lignin. On the basis of the conducted researches it was shown that the catalytic system 3 % Ru/MN 270 is more active in the process of hydrogenolysis than 3 % Pd/MN270, but Pd requires a lower temperature and pressure for the process. When using both catalysts a large number of derivatives of phenol, which can be used as alternative fuel are formed. The optimal process conditions are: 3 % Ru/MN270 - temperature 300 o C, partial hydrogen pressure of 4 MPa, the ratio of substrate/catalyst is 20:1, for 3 % Pd/MN270 temperature 250 oC, the partial pressure of hydrogen of 2 MPa, the volume of solvent 30 mL, the ratio of substrate/catalyst 15/1. [ DOI ]

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