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[1] Synthesis-gas absorption under real process conditions: Thermodynamic aspects / A. A. Stepacheva, M. E. Markova, A. I. Sidorov et al. // Chemical Engineering and Technology. — 2019. — Vol. 42, no. 4. — P. 805–811. The solubility of synthesis gas was measured in the temperature range of 100–300 oC and pressure range of 1.0–5.0 MPa in polar (2‐propanol) and nonpolar (n‐dodecane) solvents. Thermodynamic parameters of the absorption, such as the Henry constant, absorption enthalpy, and apparent activation energy of absorption, were calculated on the basis of the obtained results. The phase equilibrium was calculated by using the Soave‐Redlich‐Kwong cubic equation of state, which could be used to predict the optimal process conditions for liquid‐phase Fischer‐Tropsch reactions in different solvents. [ DOI ]

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