Radiation reaction in curved space-time: Local methodстатья

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[1] Gal'tsov D., Spirin P., Staub S. Radiation reaction in curved space-time: Local method // Gravitation and Astrophysics: On the Occasion of the 90th Year of General Relativity. — Taipei, TAIWAN, 2007. — P. 346–355. Although consensus seems to exist about the validity of equations accounting for radiation reaction in curved space-time, their previous derivations were criticized recently as not fully satisfactory: some ambiguities were noticed in the procedure of integration of the field momentum over the tube surrounding the world-line. To avoid these problems we suggest a purely local derivation dealing with the field quantities defined only on the world-line. We consider point particle interacting with scalar, vector (electromagnetic) and linearized gravitational fields in the (generally nonvacuum) curved space-time. To properly renormalize the self-action in the gravitational case, we use a manifestly reparameterization-invariant formulation of the theory. Scalar and vector divergences are shown to cancel for a certain ratio of the corresponding charges. We also report on a modest progress in extending the results for the gravitational radiation reaction to the case of non-vacuum background. [ DOI ]

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