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[1] Clement G., Gal'tsov D. F0 fluxbranes, f-walls and new braneworlds // Classical and Quantum Gravity. — 2002. — Vol. 19, no. 24. — P. 6303–6320. We complete the list of fluxbrane solutions in classical supergravities by introducing Melvin-type spacetimes supported by antisymmetric forms of rank D-1 and their pseudoscalar duals. In 1113 theory, these solutions belong to the same family as the 7-brane and D-instanton. In current notation, a fluxbrane supported by the D-1 form is an F0 brane, its Euclidean continuation is a cylindrical background which 'interacts' with a pointlike instanton. The general F0 brane can have a transverse space S-k x R(D-k-2) with 1 less than or equal to k less than or equal to D-2. For k = 1 we find the complete solution containing four parameters, three of them associated with pointlike singularities on the Melvin-type background. The S-dual to the F0 brane in ten dimensions is the F8 fluxbrane of codimension one, or F-wall; similar fluxbranes exist in any dimension if an appropriate form field is present. F-walls contain naked singularities unless one introduces source branes. In such a way one obtains new braneworld-type solutions with two bulk scalar fields. Their relation to the supersymmetric braneworlds is discussed.

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