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[1] More on general p-brane solutions / D. Gal'tsov, S. Klevtsov, D. Orlov, G. Clement // International Journal of Modern Physics A. — 2006. — Vol. 21, no. 17. — P. 3575–3603. Recently it was found that the complete integration of the Einstein-dilaton-antisymmetric form equations depending on one variable and describing static singly charged p-branes leads to two and only two classes of solutions: the standard asymptotically flat black p-brane and the asymptotically nonflat p-brane approaching the linear dilaton background at spatial infinity. Here we analyze this issue in more details and generalize the corresponding uniqueness argument to the case of partially delocalized branes. We also consider the special case of codimension one and find, in addition to the standard domain wall, the black wall solution. Explicit relations between our solutions and some recently found p-brane solutions with extra parameters are presented. [ DOI ]

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