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[1] GALTSOV D., KECHKIN O. Matrix dilaton-axion for the heterotic string in 3 dimensions // Physics Letters B. — 1995. — Vol. 361, no. 1-4. — P. 52–58. A new and surprisingly simple representation is found for the heterotic string bosonic effective action in three dimensions in terms of complex potentials. The system is presented as a Kahler sigma-model using a complex symmetric 2 x 2 matrix (matrix dilaton-axion) which depends linearly on three Ernst-type potentials and transforms under U-duality via the matrix valued SL(2, R). Two discrete automorphisms relating ten isometries of the target space (U-duality transformations) are found and used to generate the non-trivial Ehlers-Harrison sector from the gauge one. Finite transformations are obtained in a simple form in terms of complex potentials. The new solution generating technique is used to construct the EMDA double-Kerr solution. [ DOI ]

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