Symmetries of the stationary Einstein-Maxwell-dilaton systemстатья

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[1] Galtsov D., Garcia A., Kechkin O. Symmetries of the stationary einstein-maxwell-dilaton system // Classical and Quantum Gravity. — 1995. — Vol. 12, no. 12. — P. 2887–2903. The gravity-coupled three-dimensional sigma-model describing the stationary Einstein-Maxwell-dilaton system with a general dilaton coupling constant alpha is studied. The Killing equations for the corresponding five-dimensional target space are solved explicitly. It is shown that for alpha not equal 0, root 3 the symmetry algebra is isomorphic to the maximal solvable subalgebra of the sl(3, R). For two critical values alpha = 0 and alpha = root 3, the Killing algebra is enlarged to the full sl(3, R) and the su(2, 1) x R corresponding to the five-dimensional Kaluza-Klein and the four-dimensional Brans-Dicke-Maxwell theories, respectively. These two models are examined in terms of the same real variables. Non-trivial discrete maps between subspaces of the target space are found and used to generate new arbitrary-alpha solutions to the dilaton gravity. [ DOI ]

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