Matrix Ernst potentials for Einstein-Maxwell-dilaton-axion with multiple vector fieldsстатья

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[1] Galtsov D. V., Sharakin S. A. Matrix ernst potentials for einstein-maxwell-dilaton-axion with multiple vector fields // Physics Letters B. — 1997. — Vol. 399, no. 3-4. — P. 250–257. We show that the Einstein-Maxwell-dilaton-axion system with multiple vector fields (bosonic sector of the D = 4, N = 4 supergravity) restricted to spacetimes possessing a non-null Killing vector field admits a concise representation in terms of the Ernst-type matrix valued potentials. A constructive derivation of the SWIP solutions is given and a colliding waves counterpart of the DARN-NUT solution is obtained. SU(m,m) chiral representation of the two-dimensionally reduced system is derived and the corresponding Kramer-Neugebauer-type map is presented. (C) 1997 Published by Elsevier Science B.V. [ DOI ]

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