Inverse dualization and non-local dualities between Einstein gravity and supergravitiesстатья

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[1] Chen C. M., Gal'tsov D. V., Sharakin S. A. Inverse dualization and non-local dualities between einstein gravity and supergravities // Classical and Quantum Gravity. — 2002. — Vol. 19, no. 2. — P. 347–373. We investigate non-local dualities between suitably compactified higher dimensional Einstein gravity and supergravities which can be revealed if one reinterprets the dualized Kaluza-Klein 2-forms in D > 4 as antisymmetric forms belonging to supergravities. We find several examples of such a correspondence including one between the six-dimensional Einstein gravity and the four-dimensional Einstein-Maxwell-ditaton-axion theory (truncated N = 4 supergravity), and others between the compactified eleven- and ten-dimensional supergravities and the eight- or ten-dimensional pure gravity. The Killing spinor equation of the D = 11 supergravity is shown to be equivalent to the geometric Killing spinor equation in the dual gravity. We give several examples of using new dualities for solution generation and demonstrate how p-branes can be interpreted as non-local duals of pure gravity solutions. New supersymmetric solutions are presented including M2 subset of 5-brane with two rotation parameters. [ DOI ]

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