Chaos-order transition in Bianchi type I non-Abelian Born-Infeld cosmologyстатья

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[1] Dyadichev V. V., Gal'tsov D. V., Moniz P. V. Chaos-order transition in bianchi type i non-abelian born-infeld cosmology // Physical Review D. — 2005. — Vol. 72, no. 8. — P. 084021. We investigate the Bianchi I cosmology with the homogeneous SU(2) Yang-Mills field governed by the non-Abelian Born-Infeld action. A similar system with the standard Einstein-Yang-Mills (EYM) action is known to exhibit chaotic behavior induced by the Yang-Mills field. When the action is replaced by the Born-Infeld-type non-Abelian action (NBI), the chaos-order transition is observed in the high-energy region. This is interpreted as a smothering effect due to (nonperturbative in alpha(')) string corrections to the classical EYM action. We give numerical evidence for the chaos-order transition and present an analytical proof of regularity of color oscillations in the limit of strong Born-Infeld nonlinearity. We also perform a general analysis of the Bianchi I NBI cosmology and derive an exact solution in the case of only the U(1) component excited. Our new exact solution generalizes the Rosen solution of the Bianchi I Einstein-Maxwell cosmology to the U(1) Einstein-Born-Infeld theory. [ DOI ]

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