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[1] Kirsanov M. N. Stress state and deformation of a rectangular spatial rod cover // Scientific Herald of the Voronezh State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering. Construction and Architecture. — 2016. — Vol. 3, no. 31. — P. 71–79. Statement of the problem. The scheme is considered statically determinate elastic regular farm type with an arbitrary number of cells on the sides simulating the rectangular surface. The farm is symmetric, the cell size in each direction is constant. The farm has seven external relations — the spherical hinge, and two vertical cylindrical rods located in the corners of the structure. The farm operates uniformly distributed over the nodes of the lower belt load. An analytical solutions for ef- forts in the rods and deflection of the farm is sought. Results. Using the formula of Maxwell-Mohr the analytical dependence of a deflection of center farm from farm size and number of hinges side by side was obtained. The desired pattern was de- terminate by means of a computer algebra system Maple using recursion with two parameters. Conclusions. A minimum was found in the dependence of the deflection on the number of panels to optimize the size of the structure. The asymptotics of the deflection according to the number of panels was identified.

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