FeBeta||[Mn–Ce/Ce0.75Zr0.25O2 + FeBeta] Dual-Bed Catalyst for the Efficient Synergistic Removal of NOx, CO, C4H10, and NH3-Slipстатья

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[1] Febeta||[mn–ce/ce0.75zr0.25o2 + febeta] dual-bed catalyst for the efficient synergistic removal of nox, co, c4h10, and nh3-slip / A. I. Mytareva, D. A. Bokarev, G. N. Baeva et al. // Topics in Catalysis. — 2019. — Vol. 62, no. 1-4. — P. 192–197. A dual-bed catalytic system has been developed for the complex after treatment of diesel engine exhaust gases comprising nitrogen oxides, CO, hydrocarbons, and residual NH3 (NH3-slip) within wide temperature range. The system demonstrates effective NOx abatement at 200–500 oC. The upstream bed (FeBeta) is responsible for the selective catalytic reduction of NOx by ammonia (NH3-SCR) above ∼ 300 oC, while the downstream bed ([Mn–Ce/CeO2–ZrO2 + FeBeta] combined catalyst) provides effective NOx abatement below 300 oC and total oxidation of CO, hydrocarbons, and NH3-slip. [ DOI ]

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