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[1] Brykina G. D., Uvarova M. I., Shpigun O. A. Rp-hplc of some metal phthalocyanines // Microchimica Acta. — 1998. — Vol. 128, no. 3–4. — P. 251–254. The retention parameters of phthalocyanine, tetra-4-t-butylphthalocyanine and the latter’s complexes with zinc, copper, rhodium and lutetium, as well as the copper complex of tetra-4-t-butyltetrabenzotriazaporphyrin were determined with μBondapak C18 sorbent. It is shown that retention depends on azasubstitution, introduction of aliphatic substituents in the macrocycle, the number of macrocycles in molecules and the nature of the central metal ion in conditions of reversed-phase system. The ligand and complex peaks are symmetrical and they can be used for qualitative and quantitative estimation of the phthalocyanines contents in raw products of the synthesis and in the purified material.

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