High Pressure Electro-Discharge Singlet Oxygen Generator (ED SOG) with High Efficiency and Yieldстатья

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[1] High pressure electro-discharge singlet oxygen generator (ed sog) with high efficiency and yield / O. V. Braginsky, A. S. Kovalev, D. V. Lopaev et al. // Journal of Physics D - Applied Physics. — 2008. — Vol. 41, no. 17. — P. 172008. A comparable analysis of continuous wave (CW) and pulse-periodic (PP) operation modes of an electro-discharge singlet oxygen generator (ED SOG) utilizing an 81 MHz discharge in the O2/NO mixture at elevated pressure (more than 10 Torr of O2) has been carried out. The discharge in both modes operates in the regime of the normal current density and therefore occupies only a part of the electrode's area depending on the inputted rf power. Due to the fact that the rf power in PP mode (during the pulse) is higher at the same energy input, the PP discharge can occupy a greater area compared with the CW discharge and is found closer to the boundary with the abnormal regime that is most effective for O2(a 1Δg) production. Thereby it provides a higher O2(a 1Δg) yield and efficiency with increasing pressure. The O2(a 1Δg) yield of ∼12% in PP mode of the O2/NO discharge has been realized with an efficiency of 12–18% against only ∼9% and an efficiency of 8–12% in CW mode. This fact and the possibility to control additionally the duty cycle and pulsed rf power in PP discharge can be a prospective and useful means of optimizing the ED SOG in technological applications of an oxygen–iodine laser with electro-discharge pumping. [ DOI ]

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