Light Efficiency of Cathodoluminescent Screens Excited by a Runaway Electron Beamстатья

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[1] Light efficiency of cathodoluminescent screens excited by a runaway electron beam / S. G. Belostotsky, D. V. Lopaev, Y. A. Mankelevich et al. // Plasma Physics Reports. — 2008. — Vol. 34, no. 11. — P. 969–977. A technique employing electron beams generated by an open gas discharge is proposed for measuring the light efficiency of phosphor coatings of cathodoluminescent screens. The total light efficiencies of various phosphor coatings in the medium excitation energy range (ɛ < 7 keV) are estimated with allowance for both the direct radiation flux outgoing from the phosphor screen and the backward radiation flux propagating along the exciting electron beam. The possibility is demonstrated of creating a high-luminance (∼20000 cd/m2) cathodoluminescent source with a light efficiency of ∼60 lm/W. [ DOI ]

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