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[1] The investigation of contemporary classical novae / V. P. Goranskij, E. A. Karitskaya, A. V. Kusakin et al. // Astronomical and Astrophysical Transactions. — 1998. — Vol. 15, no. 1. — P. 101–115. The investigation of five classical novae: N Cyg 1992 = V1974 Cyg, N Aql 1993 = V1419 Aql, N Cas 1993 = V705 Cas, N Aql 1995 and N Cas 1995 is reported in this paper. The identifications of these novae with faint stars in the Palomar Sky Survey were checked. N Aql 1993 was identified with a star of 21 mag on the POSS O plate. The light curves and the colour index variation curves were obtained using original observations by the authors and other published data. The behaviour of several type classical novae and X-ray novae in the two-colour diagrams is found to be considerably different. The appearance of two light periodicities in N Cas 1992 in the late stages of outburst is confirmed, but the observations can not be fitted by any linear elements in a time interval of more than 200 d. [ DOI ]

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