Investigation of Applicability of Wavelet Transformation to Acquire Informative Features from Images of Solar Objectsстатья

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[1] Sharov S. A., Dolenko S. A., Persiantsev I. G. Investigation of applicability of wavelet transformation to acquire informative features from images of solar objects // 7th International Conference on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis: New Information Technologies (PRIA-7-2004), St.Petersburgh, Conference Proceedings. — Vol. 3. — St.Petersburgh, Russia, 2004. — P. 853–855. This article is devoted to investigation of ability to apply wavelet analysis for acquiring informative features from images of complicated objects existing at the surface of the Sun and in the solar corona. Images being analyzed are extracted from solar images obtained from spacecraft SOHO – the collaborative project of European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA. Acquired features may be used in further investigations to form multi-dimensional time series of parameters, which reflect behavior of solar objects for subsequent analysis to make forecasts of solar events.

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