The Unique Manifestation of the Matter Outflow in the Eclipsing Binary System V361 Lyrстатья

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[1] The unique manifestation of the matter outflow in the eclipsing binary system v361 lyr / S. Y. Shugarov, V. P. Goranskij, M. P. Galkina, N. A. Lipunova // Information Bulletin on Variable Stars. — 1990. — no. 3472. — P. 1. The binary system V 361 Lyr is assumed to be observed at the first mass exchange evolutionary stage when the brighter and more massive star is outflowing to its low-mass companion. A number of such binaries must be considerably less than those at the second mass exchange stage (i.e., CVs), after the common envelope phase and shrinkage of the system. The first mass exchange can be realized only in the binaries with initially small separations between the components. Hence it is rather serendipitous chance to observe such a system. Min I = 2444461.3865 + 0.3096149 E.

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