Nonlocal Effects in Stationary and Non-Stationary Dischargesстатья

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[1] Nonlocal effects in stationary and non-stationary discharges / V. V. Ivanov, K. S. Klopovsky, D. V. Lopaev et al. // Electron Kinetics and Applications of Glow Discharges, Ed. by U.Kortshagen and L.D.Tsendin. — Vol. 367 of NATO Science Series B: Physics. — Springer USA, 1998. — P. 37–58. In this report effects of EDF non-locality in stationary and non-stationary discharges are studied using kinetic approaches. Applicability of two-term approach in RF discharges, in positive column of a DC discharge and in plasma display panel (PDP) cell discharge is analyzed. Effective algorithm of self-consistent modeling of stationary and non-stationary discharges is proposed. The necessity of adequate description of negative ion kinetics and transport is demonstrated in the course of the experimental and theoretical investigations of discharges in electronegative gases. [ DOI ]

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