Determination of the Main Component in High-Purity Organic Substances: Current Status and Prospectsстатья

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[1] Determination of the main component in high-purity organic substances: Current status and prospects / I. A. Revel'skii, E. N. Kapinus, M. V. Fedoseeva et al. // Journal of Analytical Chemistry. — 2009. — Vol. 64, no. 9. — P. 926–929. The current status of the determination of the purity of high-purity organic substances using direct and indirect chromatographic methods is discussed. It is shown that the results of the chromatographic determination of the main component in high-purity organic materials are generally ambiguous and unreliable. The possibility of determining the purity of organic compounds using an elemental analyzer of C, H, and N without involving standard samples of analytes is examined; the advantages and drawbacks of this approach are discussed. It is demonstrated experimentally by the example of several nitrogenated compounds that the main component can be determined with an error no worse than 0.6 rel.%, whereas the error of element (nitrogen) determination in the molecule does not exceed the permissible error of elemental analysis. [ DOI ]

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