Free and Bound Water Content in Tight Rocks of Bazhenov Formation (in print)статья

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[1] Kazak E. S., Rodkina I. A., Kazak A. V. Free and bound water content in tight rocks of bazhenov formation (in print) // IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science. — 2019. — P. 1–6. The paper presents data on water content separated into free, physically and chemically bound types for a collection of core samples from the Bazhenov formation. The rock samples came from 3 wells of Nizhnevartovsk arch, Western Siberia, Russian Federation. Each rock sample was a part of whole core with the maximum preserved natural water content. A suite of modern laboratory techniques includes evaporation method, derivatographic, and hygrometric studies. The results show that the content of chemically bound water (0÷6.4 wt.%) exceeds that of free (0÷1.87 wt.%) and physically bound (0÷1.0 wt.%). For the first time, we present the water content of mono-, poly-, and capillary condensation water obtained from the interpretation of adsorption isotherm. These data made it possible to draw a meaningful conclusion on mixed wettability of Bazhenov formation rocks.

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