Human telomerase RNA protects cells from apoptosis through autophagy triggeringтезисы доклада Тезисы

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[1] Human telomerase rna protects cells from apoptosis through autophagy triggering / D. Vasilkova, M. Rubtsova, Y. Naraykina et al. // Telomeres and telomerase, Cold Spring Harbor, NY, США, 2-6 мая 2017. — 2017. Telomerase RNA (TERC) is one of the core components of telomerase. The activity of telomerase is appeared due to expression of telomerase reverse transcriptase tightly regulated at different stages of cellular differentiation and organism development. TERC is expressed constitutively in the majority of cell types. Alternative functions of human TERC were possessed previously. The protein encoded in hTERC contains 121 aminoacid residues. We found the similar protein in other mammal species and named this protein TERP (Telomerase RNA Protein). We proved the existence of hTERP by independent approaches. The overexpression of wild type telomerase RNA but not mutant forms with affected open reading frame protects cells from drug induced apoptosis. Cells with disturbed open reading frame after CRISPR/Cas9 treatment have shown less viability during apoptosis stimulation. The similarity of hTERP to the p62 protein allows us to propose the involvement of hTERP in autophagy regulation. The activity of hTERP in autophagy regulation was proved. The involvement of hTERP in apoptosis and autophagy crosstalk will be discussed.

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