Discovery of Pulsations of the B[e] Component in the CI Cam systemстатья

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[1] Barsukova E. A., Goranskij V. P. Discovery of pulsations of the b[e] component in the ci cam system // Variable stars, the Galactic halo and Galaxy formation. — SAI, Moscow State University Moscow, 2010. — P. 67–70. We review the studies of rapid variability of the B[e] star CI Cam based on extensive CCD monitoring in two seasons of 2006 and 2008. We found that this variability is caused by pulsations of the B4 III-V component. In the composite frequency spectrum, two pulsation components dominate with periods of 0.416 day and 0.266 day. In the high resolution BTA/NES spectra taken simultaneously with the photometry, the absorption components in the emission profiles of weak HeI lines temporarily appear. This is typical of pulsating stars.

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