Adsorption of Organic Compound Vapors on Silica with Octylsilyl Coatingстатья

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[1] Adsorption of organic compound vapors on silica with octylsilyl coating / T. M. Roshchina, N. K. Shoniya, O. Y. Tayakina, A. Y. Fadeev // Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry A. — 2011. — Vol. 85, no. 2. — P. 298–305. The influence of the modification of silica by octyltrichlorosilane with the formation of an oligomeric grafted layer (sample C8(II)) and additional silanization (sample C8(III)) on the thermodynamic adsorption characteristics (TACs) of different classes of organic compounds was investigated by gas chromatography. It was shown that the modification leads to decreased adsorption values for most of the investigated compounds (with the exception of alkanes, for which TACs on sample C8(II) approach the values observed on the initial support, due probably to additional interactions with silanol groups formed in modifying the surface with octyltrichlorosilane). It was established that blocking these silanol groups during additional silanization with trimethylsilane leads to inert surfaces whose adsorption properties with respect to many compounds (including some capable of participating in strong specific interactions) approach the properties of octylsilica with a closepacked grafted monolayer. [ DOI ]

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