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[1] Crystal structure and physical properties of yb2pdge6 / D. Kaczorowski, A. V. Gribanov, P. Rogl, S. F. Dunaev // Journal of Alloys and Compounds. — 2016. — Vol. 685. — P. 957–961. The crystal structure of Yb2PdGe6 was studied by powder X-ray diffraction technique. The compound in both as-cast and annealed forms crystallizes with the orthorhombic structure of the Ce2GaGe6-type (space group Cmce) that can be modelled as a sequence of AlB2-type slabs, quadrangular antiprismatic slabs, and distorted αPo-type slabs propagating along the crystallographic c direction. The low-temperature physical properties of Yb2PdGe6 were determined by means of magnetic susceptibility and electrical resistivity measurements. The compound was characterized as an intermediate valent material because of a highly unstable 4f shell of Yb ions. [ DOI ]

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