Plasmon-excitonic Enhancement of the Transverse Magento-Optical Kerr effect in Semiconductor Magnetic Nanostructuresстатья

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[1] Plasmon-excitonic enhancement of the transverse magento-optical kerr effect in semiconductor magnetic nanostructures / O. V. Borovkova, F. Spitzer, A. N. Kalish et al. // 12th International Congress on Artificial Materials for Novel Wave Phenomena (Metamaterials). — 2018. — P. 61–63. It is reported an enhancement of the transverse magneto-optical Kerr effect (TMOKE) in the vicinity of the excitonic and hybrid plasmon-exciton modes. Such modes are excited in quantum well in the bare diluted semiconductor thin films and in the plasmonic semiconductor nanostructures. Two-order enhancement of the TMOKE is observed in bare semiconductor films in the spectral region of the excitonic resonances. In plasmonic semiconductor nanostructures with quantum wells we also observe the hybridization of the TMOKE spectrum due to excitation of plasmon-exciton modes. [ DOI ]

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