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[1] Chugai N. N., Blinnikov S. I., Lundqvist P. Type ii supernovae at high redshifts // Memorie della Societa Astronomica Italiana. — 2000. — Vol. 71. — P. 383–388. A hydro code coupled with radiation transfer was applied to produce monochromatic light curves of two models of type II supernovae (SN II) simulating SN II-P and SN IIb (SN 1993J-like). The authors then used these template light curves to evaluate the possibility of detecting SNe II at different redshifts. With a 5 hour exposure at VLT/FORS the SN II-P model may be detected at z = 1. However, since the model of SN II-P is underluminous at early phase (t lt 10 days) by asymp1.5 mag a detection at z = 2 is quiet plausible. SN IIb can be detected as far as at z = 4. For 100% detection efficiency up to z = 2 one expects to find roughly 1 SN II yr$-1$arcmin$-2$.

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