The Methodology of Execution Time Prediction for Programs Optimized for Particular Architecture Based on Program Textsin a High-Level Languageстатья

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[1] The methodology of execution time prediction for programs optimized for particular architecture based on program textsin a high-level language / V. V. BALASHOV, A. P. KAPITONOVA, V. A. KOSTENKO et al. // Proceedings The 1 st International Conference “DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING AND ITS APPLICATIONS”. — Vol. 4. — Moscow, 1998. — P. 110–116. A methodology and tools for estimating the execution time of applications written in a high-level language are studied. Optimization for a particular processor is taken into account. The methodology makes it possible to obtain estimates with a controlable error. The results of applying the methodology to a DSP96002 processor for digital signal processing are presented.

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