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[1] The disk dynamo / A. A. Ruzmaikin, V. I. Turchaninov, I. B. Zeldovich, D. D. Sokoloff // Astrophysics and Space Science. — 1979. — Vol. 66. — P. 369–384. The simplest alpha-omega dynamo in a thin disk is analyzed. If the antisymmetric helicity function alpha(z) (where z is a coordinate perpendicular to the disk plane) is smooth and limited, then the conditions for generating a magnetic field and the symmetry of the resulting solutions depend only on the form of alpha at the segment (O, h) where h is the half-thickness of the disk - and the value of the dimensionless dynamo number D. The old exact solutions of the disk alpha-omega dynamo are studied and new ones are found. The results can be of importance when applied to the problem of the generation of a magnetic field in galactic and turbulent disks appearing around some X-ray sources. ——————————————————————————–. [ DOI ]

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