Vacuum Polarization in Cosmic-string and Global-monopole Backgroundстатья

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[1] Grats Y., Spirin P. Vacuum polarization in cosmic-string and global-monopole background // Proceedings, 18th Lomonosov Conference on Elementary Particle Physics. — World Scientific Pub Singapore, Netherlands, 2019. — P. 388–391. We analyze the gravity-induced effects associated with a massless scalar field in a higher-dimensional spacetime being the tensor product of (d – n)-dimensional Minkowski space and n-dimensional spherically/cylindrically-symmetric space with a solid/planar angle deficit. In particular, we revisit the computation of the vacuum polarization effects for a non-minimally coupled massless scalar field in the spacetime of a straight cosmic string. We compute the renormalized vacuum expectation value of the field square and the renormalized vacuum averaged of the scalar-field’s energy-momentum tensor. The explicit dependence of the results upon the dimensionalities of both the bulk and conical submanifold and upon the coupling constant to the curvature is discussed. [ DOI ]

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