Photometry of Symbiotic Stars - XIVстатья

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[1] Photometry of symbiotic stars - xiv / M. Sekeráš, A. Skopal, S. Shugarov et al. // Contributions of the Astronomical Observatory Skalnate Pleso. — 2019. — Vol. 49, no. 1. — P. 19–66. We present new multicolour UBVRCIC photometric observations of symbiotic stars, EG And, Z And, BF Cyg, CH Cyg, CI Cyg, V1016 Cyg, V1329 Cyg, AG Dra, RS Oph, AG Peg, AX Per, and the newly discovered (August 2018) symbiotic star HBHA 1704-05, we carried out during the period from 2011.9 to 2018.75. Historical photographic and visual/V data were collected for HBHA 1704-05, FG Ser and AE Ara, AR Pav, respectively. The main aim of this paper is to present our original observations of symbiotic stars and to describe the most interesting features of their light curves. For example, periodic variations, rapid variability, minima, eclipses, outbursts, apparent changes of the orbital period, etc. Our measurements were obtained by the classical photoelectric photometry (till 2016.1) and the CCD photometry. Main results of our monitoring program are summarized and some specific characteristics are pointed out for future investigation.

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